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Farmgate Organics, LLC
Nate Johnson, Proprietor
149 Little Mountain Road ( Map )
PO Box 336
Trout Lake, WA 98650

OTCO Certified

Welcome To The Farm...

Our Gate Is Open!

Covered Bridge

Okay, it's not really a gate. It's a super groovy, oldschool covered bridge.... "Farmcoveredbridge" simply didn't roll off the tongue that well.

Our 90-acre farm and forest land is nestled in the beautiful Cascade Mountain valley of Trout Lake, Washington at the base of majestic Mt. Adams.

We produce 100% certified organic, dehydrated herbs and spices, plus a wide variety of garden vegetables and cut flowers.

Organic Winter Wheat

Our main crops, certified organic herbs and spices, are distributed all over the world for medicinal and culinary use.

Organic garden vegetables and cut flowers serve local businesses, farmers markets, and put food on our table.

In addition, we have many ongoing research projects such as heirloom purple corn and wild harvet (wildcraft) of medicinal plants.

Building community, sustainability and simplicity are also very important to us.


Other endeavors in the incubator include retrofitting our beautiful historic farm house and out buildings as a retreat venue for weekend guests, weddings, educational workshops, events and coproduction facilities for cheese, wine and beer.

We are farmers — dedicated to providing the very best organic products to our valued customers.

We are stewards — committed to building community, practicing simple and sustainable living, and celebrating the wonders of the natural world upon which we depend.

Welcome to the farm... please walk through the "gate!"